We are a local business comprised of professional, friendly and quick-thinking staff that are excited about our jobs and what we get to do. We not only provide for members of our community and local areas a way to celebrate and come together with their loved ones— we get to make a party happen while doing so! Having been in the business for years, there is unmatched experience and unparalleled ability in getting the job done and party planned.

There are many bounce house rental companies who are essentially illegitimate, or as close as you can get to the word— they’ll charge you a racket for a simple bounce house rental and run to the warehouse to fetch whatever is cheapest, in stock, and able for them to carry, and without a single inspection done or a safety test performed.

We are not that company. We are a full-fledged party rental service and provider that wants to do everything it can to make your event the best it can be— and make it fun for you! By cutting out the dozens of vendors you would have to call and research about for options, prices, colors, customizations, appointments and dates— the stress and frustration is taken away from you and put in the hands of solidly experienced, handy, and reputable professionals.

Though we may be a party company, as in we literally make fun and parties our business, we do run the business as a proper company, with tracked hours and fair wages. It has only taken years of experience and trial-and-error to know the ins and outs of unexpected incidents in parties— like, say, what if the inflatable arrives with a cut corner, or some deflates it during the party?— to be able to handle it deftly and as expertly as we do. One could say we are basically party experts! Safety is one of our founding tenets for any client’s event rental needs and purchases.

Every bounce house is inspected before, during, and after the day of event for any marks or blemishes, holes, or vulnerable points where there may be irregularity in the fabric. Our bounce houses, though they are incredibly sturdy and made of the finest materials, do get wear and tear after several uses or a particularly rambunctious crew of birthday party goers, which is why we make it a point to do several checkpoints through the entire process and day of event. After the party is done and over— which we’re sad about too, trust us— we inspect the bounce house while performing a full wipe-down to clean the interiors and exteriors, and any crevices that may have formed during all that intense jumping. Fluids are a matter of fact when it comes to children’s birthdays— we’ve all been there— so we do a thorough cleaning using child-safe antibacterial cleaners. Safe, clean, fun & sturdy! On the day of the event, trained staff will always be present from before the start of the event, til it’s time for everyone to go home. We arrive on site either before the event or the day immediately preceding, depending on the intensity and scale of the rental package you have purchased! We set up everything for you, and make sure it is up to code and speed for all concerned, while providing any operational instructions (if necessary) to the parent/guardian attending. And we stick around! The stress of anything going wrong during a big event, or a party being ruined by the slightest inconvenience— these all become near-invisible, temporary hitches that get patched up in no time due to our staff being trained, courteous, and quick to the draw. Bounce houses with plastic balls and zoned for only children of at least a certain age, for example, can become a hazard if a toddler wanders in curiously to attempt to put more things in their mouth, as they do; we are always posted by a large ball pit to navigate traffic and prevent such possible hazards! Children at toddler and infant ages should always be accompanied by an adult present at the event, but we will stay stationed to make sure the party continues to go swimmingly and hitches, unhitched.

We cater to all sorts of events, given our sheer and vast amount of options and rentals that you may select from. Churches, fundraisers, corporate team events, family reunions, quinceañeras, birthday parties, and school carnivals— whatever you can dream of, we can make it the highlight event of the year! Rates vary and come in discount packages and bundles, but straightforwardly categorized by size when choosing one of our prearranged package offers. We also offer per event package deals and multi-bounce house packages that give the option of having several jump houses at the same event! (You’ll never stop bouncing.)

Our event specialists will give you the options following the initial survey of asking key questions regarding venue/prioritized needs, so we can get to the heart of what you want, as efficiently and painlessly as possible. The magic is where the fun begins— from the moment we help start designing and packaging it for you. You are free to call any time for a quote, or if you have any concerns— our event specialists are knowledgeable and easy to talk to, and want to make sure you’re at ease with everything— the rentals, the information provided, the rates, and whether Tommy really likes Star Wars more or if it was actually dinosaurs.

And just so you know— we are kids at heart. Professional, fully-trained, big kids. That is why we care so much here at Tulsa Ok Bounce House Pros, and want to be as invested as you in making this the best event within your budget. Our low-cost bounce house/accessory and bundle rental options are also an option for if you are on a budget— we follow all of the same standards of excellence in safety, cleanliness and materials, just at a discount! This is an especially good offering if you are looking to not rent, but purchase one for all times of the year— we entirely understand the inclination: we’re bounce house crazy.

Offerings and selections vary; call to inquire! And get more information about renting and planning for your next event today.

Thank you for visiting Tulsa Ok Bounce House Pros! We are a full-full-service, fully-fledged, party supplier for all of Tulsa and surrounding areas, serving up hundreds of parties and events of all kinds, all sizes, and all ages! We’ve been able to establish ourselves as a trusted and beloved local business, and we are here to assist you in the task of party planning. Parties should be fun, after all, not stressful— right? The correct answer is right, and the right person to call is US. Contact us today and we’ll show you and your loved ones the right way to party— without worry